The Harpenden Cat Hotel

Established in 1999 The Harpenden Cat Hotel was the pioneer in the Cat Hotel concept and the first to offer an exclusive luxury experience for both you and your Cats. 

We have maintained our high standards throughout the subsequent years and invite you to read our Testimonials Page. 

I opened my Cattery in 1999 after 2 years of research. At that time no other UPVC Catteries existed in the surrounding area. My aim was to find out exactly what customers wanted and how to provide the very best experience for their beloved Cats.

“What we do makes a difference in the lives of our customers and their cats”

Many years of working with animals offered me a plethora of experience and a diverse range of friends, colleagues and contacts; this, together with lots of footwork and phone calls, enabled me to talk to Vets, Rescue Centres, a wide variety of Cat owners, Animal feed companies as well as Animal Nutritionists, The original Vet Bed Company and of course to work closely with Pedigree Pens to design the Chalets I had envisaged.

All of this hard work resulted in my dream of the ultimate Cat Hotel.

‘There the concept began’

As a result of this new idea the Editor of National Cat Magazine ‘Your Cat’ asked to visit and decided to include a 3 page feature titled ‘Choose only the Best’ in the next spring edition.

We were also used as a ‘Model Boarding Cattery’ in David Keys extensive book, ‘Cattery Design’.

I have continued to maintain the same high standards throughout and my daily aim is still my commitment to my customers and their cats.

As an independent business I am able to have complete freedom to work with my customers and discuss individual needs. I am also pleased to say I have helped other independent businesses across the country to set up a new venture and inspired many more to attain the same high standards. The end result has proven to be of the utmost benefit to customers and of course that wonderful animal that makes all this possible. ‘The Cat’