Cat hotel


  • An up-to-date veterinary vaccination record must be provided to show that your cat/s have current vaccinations against Feline Infectious Enteritis (Cat Flu)

  • Cats are to be transported in a suitable, strong and safe cat carrier

  • Customers are responsible for their cats safety at all times whilst being carried to and from the secure cattery building

  • 2 cats from the same family will be boarded together unless the customer requests separate chalets

  • In the case of illness or suspected illness a Veterinary Surgeon will be consulted, and if necessary, instructed to carry out such treatment as she / he considers advisable.  This will be at the customers expense

  • We do not accept un-neutered adult cats

  • Cancellations are to be  made 7 working days from bookings made in person or alternatively, 7 working days from receipt of email confirmation.  Bookings cancelled or altered after the 7 days will be payable

  • To maximise security and the privacy for the boarding guests, viewing, drop-off and collection is by appointment only

  • Please ensure that your cats receive regular flea and worm treatment