Cat hotel


I am looking forward once again to opening my Cattery and welcoming all my guests.  The last time I did this was 21 years ago when I first opened.


To comply with the Governments guide lines I am keeping strict procedures in place for the time being.


1   Please communicate via e mail.  If you would like to speak with me then leave me a contact number and I will call you.


e mail.....harpendencathotel@btconnect.com


2   I will send your Invoice by e mail via QuickBooks a few days before you are due to arrive.  Please settle the Invoice the day before arrival by BACS.


3   When you arrive at the agreed appointed time you will find a small 4 wheeled trolly in the Car Park.  I will be at the gate waiting.  Please place your Cat/s in the trolly and return to your car.


Once you are back in your car I will immediately come forward to collect your Cat/s.


Please make sure I am in receipt of your cat before you leave the car park.


If you need to change your appointment time please mail me as I will be waiting for you.


I am asking everyone ‘not ‘to bring Toys, Blankets etc to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.  Please just bring your Cat/s


I have bought extra blankets and toys should you require these, please ask...


4   At the agreed collection time, once you arrive in the Car Park, I will go to the Cattery, secure your Cat in your carrier, bring them to the Car Park and leave the trolly by your car.  Please allow me time to walk away before you exit your car.


If you have any questions please mail me.


I would like to thank you in advance for understanding my requirements.

The pure nature of my business means customers are often travelling to holiday destinations and I feel these procedures will help to keep all of us safe.


Hope to see you soon......